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Description: In Stereo (2015)
David and Brenda are perfect for each other, and everyone knows it except David and Brenda. After a break-up, they each experience their own rough patch. For David, a self-destructive artistic endeavor and a relationship with an immature beauty—for Brenda, a failing acting career, an eviction notice, and a boyfriend who just doesn’t do it for her. A chance encounter brings them together on the streets of New York at a particularly bad time. David invites Brenda to the opening of his first photography exhibit and the stage is set for a night of drinking and flirting which leads to an untraditional proposal of how they can be together without getting back together. A sharply observed, un-romantic comedy by writer/director Mel Rodriguez III, IN STEREO is a stylish and striking first feature that offers an unflinching look at the complexity of modern relationships.
  • Titre original: In Stereo
  • Nationalité: Américain
  • Durée: 1h37min
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In Stereo (2015) streaming VF

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